Small Minimalist Cross Body Bag

H:  17cm, W:  11cm,  D: app 1cm

Starting price:  £250.00

Pictured:  English bridal leather, adjustable strap, single pocket, simple closure and hand stitched with pure linen thread.

This is the smallest bag we make.  Designed for people who prefer to or need to store their pocket contents in a bag.  This bag carries the absolute essentials such as a smart phone, cash, card and car keys.  It is small enough to be carried on the outside or on the inside of clothing discretely.  While travelling the bag may be used to carry travel documents, cash, cards and smart phone for example.  The simple closure allows for slightly taller items to be stored.  Front flap is designed to minimise water ingress.

Additional options available at extra cost:

  • Small rear pocket or slots for cards
  • Lining
  • Special leathers