Designers and makers of completely handmade luxury leather goods.

Our workshop is based in Walsall, U.K. in the heart of the U.K. leather industry where we make light leather goods using the highest quality and most suitable leathers, linings, threads and hardware.  Our focus is on traditionally made leather goods with simple functional designs that allow the quality of the materials and workmanship to do the talking.  Being completely handmade makes our leather goods truly unique and exclusive. 

We take commissions for bespoke projects allowing us to customise projects according to customer requirements. 

We take great care to ensure that our workmanship results in robustness and longevity.  Each item is cut by hand, assembled by hand and stitched completely by hand using saddle stitching which is also known as two hand stitching.  The hardware is attached carefully to minimise chances of failure and all of the raw edges are burnished by hand to ensure that they are protected from damage through daily use.   

Our designs are minimalist, simple and elegant so that our leather goods fit in to any situation, business or pleasure, and in any environment.  We try to ensure that our products work well and are comfortable to use.  

We are not a factory and our products are designed and built to last through generations with a little care from time to time.