Gussets attached and stitched

The brown folio case is well under way.  Please see below some photographs and brief descriptions of the progress so far.  There is a lot going on and quite a few stages and tasks have been omitted to keep the blog ‘short’.  Please feel free to ask any questions or provide suggestions using the comments box at the bottom.  Or email me via


The gussets and main body have been cut.


The edges have been crease and stitch line marked using 10spi (stitched per inch) traditional French pricking irons.

Stitch marking

The top edge has been stitched first.

The gussets have been cut and the edges skived.

Skived edges

The gussets have been lined and the lining has been skived at the edges

Gussets lined and skived again

The tops of the gussets have been stitched prior to assembly.

Gussets stitched

Inner top edge has been burnished prior to assembly.

Edge burnished

The main body has been fully lined and cutout made for the lock.


The lining has been trimmed at the edges and the lock cutout.


Spacing leather has been cut and skived ready for lock installation.


One of the solid brass rivets polished.  Four more to go.

Brass polished

Lock has been installed and stitched in.  The top being covered with plastic for protection.  Solid bare brass.

Lock installed

The gussets have been attached and stitched to the main body.  The front flap is being stitched.  The final tasks are to complete the stitching, attach the hasp and burnish the edges.

Gussets attached and stitched