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I have been working on this design for the last two weeks and I am pleased to present the prototype of my first cross body bag.  The design and style has been in my minds’ eye for a long time and it is quite exciting to see it in the flesh (no pun intended).

The leather is English bridal leather finished here in Walsall, UK.  The hardware is pure brass, most of which is cast in a foundry also in Walsall, UK.  I have chosen the leather for the natural patterns and marks that are visible in the photographs.  The photographs below are of the bag after around two weeks of daily use.

This bag is completely hand made.  Hand cut, hand stitched and the edges are hand finished.  No machines!  The design is according to my own requirements and preferences after many years of using cross body bags.

Now that the blueprints are finalised and the stencils are cut, I am ready to take orders.  Please contact me for a price which depends on the options that you select.  The bag can be ‘built’ using the main compartment and the shoulder strap as the base.  Additional options are listed below.

  1. Base – single main compartment with shoulder strap only and simple Sam Browne stud closure.
  2. Add front pocket.
  3. Add front pocket internal organiser.
  4. Add back pocket for papers and smartphones.
  5. Add front closure straps.
  6. Add lining to pockets and straps (the photographs show a bag with all of the above with the exception of the lining).

There are other customisation options such as additional buckles so that the bag can be used as a mini backpack.  If you have any other requirements please email me.

Further options for colours are possible.  Please email me to discuss.


  • All straps are removable.
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable both at the attachment points as well as the buckle in the middle.
  • Semi-circle flaps at the top of the main pocket protect the contents from rain and help give the top of the bag its shape.
  • The front closure straps are adjustable so that larger items can be fitted in the main pocket or inserted underneath the straps on the outside of the bag.
  • Dimensions:  height 27.5cm, width 19cm, depth 8.5cm.
  • The whole bag is treated with natural oils and fats to give a water resistant finish.  If the bag gets wet then it should be left to dry at ambient temperature.
  • The tablet depicted in the photographs is an iPad 2 which is 9.7″ in diameter.  It and the book are not fully inserted.  They do not protrude from the bag when fully inserted.
  • The internal organiser in the front pocket contains a heavy duty mini torch at the bottom, a four layer Swiss Army Knife, two Sharpie pens and four cards.  There is room in the front pocket for a medium sized smartphone or wallet for example.
  • The rear outside pocket is flat and is suitable for papers and a large smartphone or small tablet.
  • The front and rear pockets have shallow curved cutouts to make it easier to remove items from the pockets.