Fun Little Video

Made this fun video in collaboration with my daughter who kindly volunteered to play her frame drum for background sound.

Getting some tools together for the next handmade leather craft project for a customer.  It is a bespoke mens folio style clutch bag with double gussets and a hand carry strap.  The bag will be made using my stock of remarkable Russia leather, luxury Fil au Chinois Lin Cable thread and the most exquisite red goat kid suede lining.  Fully hand stitched and made to order.  No machines and made to last.

The  bag is designed to carry a book (slightly bigger than a standard novel) in one compartment and other items such as cell phones, diaries and stationary in the other.  It will be used in summer in place of a cross body or shoulder bag that may feel bulky in hot weather.  Although compact the bag has some room for expansion due to the way that the gussets are attached.  The the bag will be fastened via the front flap and a solid brass lock.  Please see my rough sketch below.