Laptop Portfolio Sleeve Making Time

Brown Russia Leather With Red Goat Suede Lining

The best things take the longest!  While I am not sure this is quite true I hope to confirm this after the current laptop folio sleeves are completed.  It has taken a while to gather all of the materials and I gladly share with you that all of the gathering and preparation is complete.  I can now continue with the black and brown sleeve and commence the brown and red one also.  The materials to be used on both projects are different.  While the one is being made with black bridal shoulder, brown goat suede lining and brown linen thread (un-branded), the other is made with the luxurious brown replica Russia leather, exquisite deep red goat kid suede lining and the most beautiful and strong, non-contrasting Fil au Chinois linen thread.  The black one will be embellished with a lacquered pure brass briefcase lock while the brown Russia leather one will be receive an un-lacquered and polished closure of the same style.

The end results are expected to be dramatically different, especially after some use.  While the black and brown sleeve will maintain the original look, the brown and red one will form a lovely patina on the outer leather and the closure will tarnish variably depending on which parts are and are not touched frequently.

The finished products will not necessarily allude to the efforts and time spent in choosing the materials and in the design process.  Neither will they allude to the many intricate steps and techniques used to achieve the end results.  The number of considerations at each stage of the making process will also remain hidden from the owner.  And that is all alright.  All that the owner should see and appreciate is a thing that works well, lasts a lifetime and looks the part.  Ultimately it is the judgement of the owner and I am sure the judgement will be good.

For now, upon request of the client, I intend to upload posts of my progress as I go along.  There will be no rushing and shortcut taking.  Just some quiet, relaxed time with my leather, my tools and my thoughts.


Rough sketch of the design.  Collaboration between the client and the maker


Black bridal Shoulder with brown goat suede lining and brown linen thread


Brown Russia leather with red goat kid lining and brown Fil au Chinois linen thread