A New Bag Design

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A family trip on an unusually warm autumn day recently took us to Bakewell in Derbyshire.  In Bakewell we came across a clothing store named Sea Salt where I met a lovely sales woman who informed me that their mini cross body bags were selling like hotcakes (potential pun since the original Bakewell Tart shop is located directly opposite to the Sea Salt store).  She strongly suggested that I come up with a completely handmade version.  I have come across several people at the Walsall Leather Museum who have also expressed an interest in such a bag.  This is what I have come up with.  I am naming it the Bushra Mini Cross Body (a family member named Bushra helped with the aesthetic design).

Although this crossbody bag is unisex the inspiration behind it are ladies who wear articles of clothing that don’t have pockets or that have very small pockets and who require storage space for their day to day necessities such as smart phone, keys and wallet.  The Bushra Mini Cross Body bag is extremely simple in design which is in line with my overall design ethos. To let the materials and workmanship do the ‘talking’.

This bag has a single pocket which makes it very low profile and a simple, classical closure that is easy to operate, is secure and allows for expansion in the vertical direction.

The bag is designed to fit over or underneath outerwear depending on the level of security and the look required.  The idea is to make it unobtrusive both visually and in terms of comfort. Understated in appearance and shouting out the quality and strength. Something that is a pleasure to use and behold.

There are a number of additions that can be made as part of a bespoke project. Linings as well as pockets to the front and rear are the main options available along with lined and stitched straps.

Please enquire for prices and options.

Clean lines, polished edges and hand stitching with top quality linen thread give the Bushra Mini Crossbody bag a refined appearance and a resilient quality.

Simple and secure closure make this bag easy to use.

Designed to carry most smart phone models securely along with other daily essentials.

High quality hand milled bridal leather (optional) ensures that the contents are safe from impacts and moisture while allowing items to be inserted and removed comfortably.

Completely hand made. Hand cut, hand stitched, hand finished, a traditional and long lasting bag.