Luxury Sedgwick Leather Folio


A single compartment luxury hand made folio for carrying up to a 17″ laptop and documents

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  • Sedgwick bridal leather
  • 632 Fil au Chinois Lin Cable thread
  • Hand set solid brass lock and hasp with two keys
  • Red goat kid suede lining
  • Height 28cm
  • Width 38cm
  • Depth 4cm

This folio case is completely hand made using the highest quality materials.  Fil au Chinois thread is considered of the very best linen threads available.  It gives a distinctive cabled appearance due to the way it has been twisted which also gives it superior strength and longevity.  Combined with a high stitch density of 10spi (stitches per inch) the thread gives this folio a luxuriously fine finish and feel that will last a long time.

The attached lining is the most exquisite goat kid suede which offers excellent protection from moisture and shock as well as protecting the contents from scratching and shock.  Both the gussets and the main body of leather are fully lined with the body being lined with a single piece of lining leather.  Being double dyed by tanneries that have perfected the art of goat leather tanning, this lining leather has been chosen for its depth of colour and for the fineness of its surface fibres.

The outer leather is made by Sedgwick of Walsall.  A world renowned hand finisher of bridal leather.  The main body is made of a single piece of leather.  This leather is extremely hard wearing and over time forms a distinctive shiny patina whilst usually developing a bloom in which white streaks appear on the surface of the leather.  A typical sign of well made bridal leather.  If required the bloom can be removed most easily by simply brushing it away with a soft bristle brush.

The lock is a polished, un-lacquered solid brass traditional English briefcase lock.  Over time the lock tarnishes and forms a patina which can be polished off if preferred.  The tarnish and patina give the brass a natural aged appearance that will change over time in line with the aging of the leather.  The lock and its mechanism have a solid and sturdy feel that matches the feel of the folio.  Two solid brass keys are supplied with the folio.

The edges of this folio are un-coated.  No paint and not edge finish.  They are finished using age old materials and methods.  Water, beeswax and elbow grease.  The edges are shiny, smooth and hard wearing.  Since the leather is not through dyed the natural colour variations of the leather are visible.  It is like a window into the inside of the leather.

Further details be found on this blog post and this blog post.

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Dimensions 38 × 4 × 28 cm