New Tools!

Spent the day in Telford and came across this paraffin lamp.  I had been on the lookout for one and today was the day.  Came home, straight into my workshop and now there is a stand for the lamp.  I will be using this arrangement to heat my edge finishing irons.  Admittedly the design is crude but it works and for now that is fine.  Refinements will come with time.

The lamp contains methylated spirits currently and I will have to see if it is a safe option instead of paraffin.  The worry is that methylated spirit is highly flammable.  Furthermore the lamp is not sealed, unlike my homemade version, so the methylated spirit will evaporate quite quickly.  Perhaps some modifications are in order.  I prefer methylated spirit as a fuel for heating my irons because it doesn’t give off any soot.  Paraffin can give off soot which would be deposited on my irons and could subsequently stain the edges of my leather projects.  Not so good.

The lamp of course, was purchased today.  The copper wire is recycled from old wiring from a previous house renovation.  The wooden base is from an antique walnut desk that sadly had to be dismantled (long story).

I hope you enjoy my photographs.  Please comment below or email for your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.


Paraffin Lamp


Paraffin Lamp Loaded