Folio Prototype Done!


The prototype portfolio case is complete.  I have decided to sell this to raise some much needed funds for tools and materials.  I am selling this prototype at a discounted price to compensate for some minor defects that do not affect the appearance, quality or functioning.

None-the-less the portfolio prototype has taken a lot of time searching for leather, lining and thread and in designing and making.  The result is a one of a kind, completely hand made leather item that the user will enjoy using for a long, long time.  This portfolio has been hand cut, hand saddle stitched and hand finished.  No machines were used in its making.  All of the materials and most of the tools used would have been available prior to the industrial revolution.  There was no rushing and no corner cutting (figuratively speaking).

Made with Walsall finished black English bridal leather, 18/3 pure linen thread, 8spi saddle stitching, luxurious brown goat suede lining and water and beeswax for edge finishing.  The lock is an Abbey England 806 briefcase lock made in Walsall, which comes with two keys.

I am currently working on another folio with the same design but using Walsall finished brown Sedgwick bridal leather, luxuriously contrasting red goat kid suede lining, brown French Fil au Chinois 632 Lin Cable pure linen thread and a solid brass un-lacquered Abbey England 806 briefcase lock made in Walsall.  Please contact me for enquiries about this folio.

If interested in buying this prototype folio please contact me via my email address.

If you would like me to make you a bespoke folio like this one please contact me via the same email address.

The outer leather, lining leather, thread and lock can all be customised.

I hope you enjoy the photographs below.

On to the next one!


Front view

View of lining inside flap

Close up of solid brass hasp and lock

Side view close up

Close up of hand stitched saddle stitching

Front and side view

Close up of side gusset

Laying flat

Rear view